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5 Reasons you should List your house TODAY!


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Many homeowners are waiting until the Spring ‘buying season’ to list their homes for sale.

Here are five reasons why that might not make sense this year to list your house:

  1. Demand Is High

    Homes are selling at a pace not seen since 2007. The most recent Existing Home Sales Report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed that annual sales in 2018 increased 5.8% over 2017. There are buyers out there right now and they are serious about purchasing.

  2. Supply Is Low

    The monthly supply of houses for sale is at its lowest point (3.4 months) since May of 2005. The current month’s supply is down 1.7% from the same time last year. Historically, inventory increases dramatically in the spring. Selling now when demand is high and supply is low may garner you your best price.

  3. New Construction Is Back

    Over the last several years, most homeowners selling their home did not have to compete with a new construction project around the block. As the market has recovered, more and more builders have jumped back in. These ‘shiny’ new homes have become competition as they are an attractive alternative to many purchasers.

  4. Interest Rates Are Projected to Inch Up

    The Mortgage Bankers’ Association has projected mortgage interest rates will inch up approximately one full point in 2018. Whether you are moving up or moving down, your housing expense will be more a year from now if a mortgage is necessary to purchase your next home.

  5. Timelines Will Be Shorter

    The dramatic increase in transactions caused many challenges to the process of buying or selling a home in 2017. We waited for inspections, dealt with last minute appraisals and prayed that the bank didn’t ask for ‘just one more piece of paper’ before issuing a commitment on the mortgage. There are fewer transactions this time of year. That means that timetables on each component of the home buying process will be friendlier for those involved in transactions over the next 90 days.

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