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Benefits of a home inspection

A home inspection will give you a comprehensive and thorough look at the overall condition of the home. Although an inspection cannot identify ever problem, it can uncover problems that should be addressed before buying a home that will need costly repairs.

A purchase contract should be contingent on a home inspection from a qualified home inspector. If you place an offer on an AS-IS property you still may perform an inspection. “AS-IS” means that the owner does not want to make any repairs or give credits towards repairs. However, it will still be in your best interest to perform a home inspection on the home.

A home inspection:

Evaluates the actual physical condition of the building, construction, and mechanical systems of the home.

Helps by identifying items that should be repaired or replace.

Estimates the life expectancy of all the major systems and appliances within the home; such as roof, heating, air conditioning, water heater just to name a few.

State regulatory authorities, professional organizations, and your REALTOR are good resources to help you find a qualified home inspector.

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