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Coral Gables

Coral Gables

Coral Gables

City Link: http://www.coralgables.com/

Coral Gables is one of the oldest cities within Miami-Dade county with over 90 years since, the original charter was approved by the Florida Legislature. Coral Gables is a city with beautiful entrances and plazas, and stunning boulevards. Large oaks trees and banyans, palm trees and royal Poinciana s forming a canopy that shaded the oasis from the harsh Florida sun.

Coral Gables is home to approximately 155 multinationals and 26 consulates and trade offices. It’s also known, as the Fine Dining Capital of South Florida and has the highest concentration of live theater in Miami-Dade County. Growth in the commercial sector has brought a wealth of new activities for residents, including nighttime entertainment, live music, casual and fine dining, and new retail options. It has also helped maintain low property taxes. At the same time, the residential areas have remained protected from commercial intrusion.

Cultural offerings are part of the everyday experience in Coral Gables. The city is rich with culture -from Gallery Night the first Friday of the month, art cinema to live theater and much more.

The famed Miracle Mile and its surrounding downtown streets with their European-style outdoor cafes, provides residents, employees, business people and visitors with an enjoyable tropical shopping experience. The downtown area is home to many specialty stores and more than 120 international restaurants, a paradise for casual and gourmet diners. Visit: http://www.shopcoralgables.com/

Fashion and style come to life at the Village of Merrick Park, featuring Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom and 115 other world-class retail shops and restaurants. Visit: http://www.villageofmerrickpark.com/


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