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“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

For Investors

The beauty of real estate investing is that it’s the only investment that can allow you to make money in both the long term and the short term simultaneously with a low, controlled risk. This simply means that if you purchased a rental property, you have the ability to make a monthly positive cash flow after all expenses while the value of your property will appreciate on an average of 5% per year. Not to mention the leverage factor…

Leverage is a powerful reason for investing in real estate. If an investor used 100% cash to acquire a house worth $100,000, and the house increased in value by $5,000 in one year, then the investor made a return of 5% (assuming no other costs in this case). However, if the investor obtained 95% financing, only $5,000 cash would be required down, and a bank or other lender would loan the remaining $95,000 to acquire the property. Assuming the same $5,000 increase in value, the investor’s cash contribution of $5,000 would yield an increase in equity of $5,000 in one year, a 100% return.

Investing starts with planning and management that is why Realty Empire is focused on our investors individual goals. Before we help you make that property investment, we take the time to learn what your investment objectives are and to make sure we help you implement the best strategies to achieve them. Investing in real estate is an exciting and rewarding business for many of our clients and it can be for you, too

Services For Investors

Real Estate Consulting Services Provides insightful real estate analysis and thoughtful forecasts, based on solid research, on the key issues facing the local and national real estate markets. We identify properties based on the investors request and create a personalized profile for each individual investor with specific, detailed recommendations, helping them turn analysis into action.

Property Management We place quality tenants, collect rent and deposits, manage all maintenance and repairs, pay the bills, and keep you headache free!

Investing in real estate is clearly the biggest profit making, no-brainer in the world.

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