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City Link: http://www.hialeahfl.gov/

The City of Hialeah is the sixth largest municipality in Florida, serving over 224,000 residents living in approximately 20-square miles. Hialeah, Fl, the “City of Progress” is located upon a larger prairie between Biscayne Bay and the Everglades. The name Hialeah is translated as “pretty prairie” or “Upland Parries”. The Seminole interpretation of its name, “High Prairie” the area is home to the Seminole Indian tribe. The area was discovered by Missouri cattleman James Bright and Glenn Curtiss who was a pioneer aviator.

Hialeah is predominantly Hispanic, Hialeah residents have assimilated their cultural heritage and traditions into a hard working diverse community. Citizens are proud of their ethnic background and strive to keep neighborhoods family oriented. Hialeah is the densest city in the United State without a skyscraper. The city’s tallest building is 14 floors and is only considered a mid rise.

“All Ways Lead to Hialeah” one of the city’s first slogans is well suited given that Hialeah sits in the heart of northwest Dade, and has access to every major thoroughfare (I-75, Palmetto Expressway, Florida Turnpike, US 27 (Okeechobee Road).  In Hialeah you are about 20 minutes away from anywhere in the county.  Hialeah borders Opa-Locka, Miami and Miami Lakes and provides direct business access to both Opa-Locka Airport and Miami International Airport. The City of Hialeah is an extraordinary place to live, work and play.


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